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User Experience Designer & Researcher • Content Creator

Josh Barton

I'm working on taking my website to the next level...


In the meantime, please:

Over the past 16 years, I've navigated a diverse range of design disciplines including: UX, UI/web development, branding, print, motion graphics, and videography.


Recently, I completed a 7-year tenure as a UX Designer at Litmos, a Learning Management System, where I reviewed feedback and data to design user-centric solutions. At Litmos, I also worked as a Graphic and Instructional / Content Designer, creating engaging content, handling script writing, camera work, scene production and editing. Additionally, I designed UIs and coded custom branded versions of Litmos for sales demos using HTML, CSS, and JS.


My portfolio includes print design, presentation design, infographics, graphic animation, and video production. I've worked across various industries, from learning and tech to fashion, aesthetics, and sports. Since 2008, I've offered freelance branding and design services to local businesses in the SF Bay Area. My passion is to make our world beautiful (and more functional) through good design.


On a more personal note, I’m married and a father of two amazing kiddos that inspire me every day. For fun, I love hikes and staying active outdoors with my family. I also get a creative release when making music, both ‘by hand’ (guitar) and digitally created. I also have been experimenting with AI visuals, sound effects and music for two years. I’m extremely familiar with Midjourney, Suno, Udio and other AI generative software.

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